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I was checking my Facebook, and C-SPAN just posted a video on social media used in political campaigns. Since we talk about C-SPAN and social media utilization practically everyday, I figured this would be interesting for all.

They talk about the impact of media on the campaign,and speakers include Frank Sesno, director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at GWU and former CNN Washington Bureau chief Ben Smith, POLITICO, moderator Mindy Finn, EngageDC Adam Conner, Facebook Sam Arora, Democrat for Delegate (MD) Philip de Vellis, Murphy Putnam Media Matthew Hindman, The George Washington University. 

In regards to my last C-SPAN video, I just wanted to share this with anyone who may be interested. No it has nothing to do with the Phelps-Snyder case, but has everything to do with the heroes we have in our country.  The first soldier talking is my cousin, Eric Lawson of the 101st Airborne Division. This video I uploaded from YouTube, but is from NATO

The video includes Afghan and US troops whom are involved in a major operation to drive the Taliban out of districts surrounding Kandahar. Taking place in Zahri, an area north of the city this piece shows the working relationship between Afghan and US troops, and truly shows progress!


Witch! Marxist! The taunts flew in Christine O’Donnell’s debate with Chris Coons in the Delaware Senate race. Will her down-to-earth showing get her back in the game? Samuel P. Jacobs reports for Group 2’s online-only news site The Daily Beast.

The debate article also includes two C-SPAN videos with interviews of O’Donnell, very interesting.

Social Media and Christine O’ Donnell

Krystal Ball, a Democratic Congressional candidate from Virginia, has blamed her opponent, Republican Rob Wittman, for posting scandalous photos of her on a Republican blog last week. Ball said the photos were taken when she was just out of college and had not considered entering politics.

But alas, that is one thing we must always worry about.

It is our requirement, with nothing being private on the internet, to protect ourselves from this sort of thing from happening. Although we may not have complete control, we should always keep in mind that at any given moment, something in our past may become public information. Although these sorts of photos, found on social media sites aren’t looked at as a resume or official document of a person, they are still looked at as a resemblance of a person, and that should be taken into serious consideration. This could and does happen to anyone, so being aware and coming off as a normal human that makes mistakes is probably one of the best ways of getting through this sort of debacle. By addressing the issue, Ball has made the appropriate response.

Dee Dee Myers

In response to Maura’s post on the White House Gaggle - Dee Dee Myers holds the distinction of being the first woman to serve as White House Press Secretary from January 20, 1993 to December 22, 1994 during Clinton’s term as President.

With two cousins as active members in the U.S. military, the Snyder-Phelps case is one I hold dear to my heart. If either of them were killed during action, the least you would expect would be an honorable funeral service, regardless of either’s sexuality.

This video is a discussion centered on First Amendment rights and public protests at military funerals between lawyers and nine justices of the Supreme Court. In particular, Justice Stephen Breyer who talks about the circumstances of broadcasting private individuals on television into Justice Sonia Sotomayor on the intrusion of the privacy on funerals. 

At issue was whether a church had the legal right to stage anti-gay protests at U.S. military funerals to promote its claim that God is angry at America for tolerance toward homosexuals. Albert Snyder, the father of a Marine killed in Iraq in 2006, appealed to the Supreme Court after the family’s funeral service drew unwanted and disrespectful protesters of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Thankfully, The Supreme Court interprets the extent of the protection afforded to these rights granted to citizens in the first amendment.  The Supreme Court requires the government to provide substantial justification for the interference with the right of free speech where it attempts to regulate the content of the speech.

Hey- Group 2! A shift in the media world, from print to pixels.

Howard Kurtz, a three-decade veteran of The Washington Post who came to embody insider Washington media reporting with his weekly column and CNN television show, is leaving The Post for Tina Brown’s news and commentary Web site, The Daily Beast- a online- only news site we have decided (I believe) to  cover for our group project. 

You can read Kurtz’s own article here or the New York Time’s article here.

Creating Video Footage

This project was fun, until the final steps - importing and editing. I definitely enjoyed being behind the camera, but wish that editing was given more coverage in class.

Having to use Windows Live Movie Maker was very amateurish and did not help me meet my standards I set for myself. There is no voice over option, so no narration (in Windows 7). The video quality also diminished when transferring to Youtube.

When I had planned to go to the DLC, after reserving a computer with iMovie, the importing device was not working correctly, causing extra grief. The workers in the DLC sent me over to a Dell and helped the uploading process from there. I cant blame anyone or anything for this except for computers and technology. But either way I have a finished product and can not wait to begin the next one, which I am determined to use iMovie or Final Cut Pro to make a masterpiece!

The Purdue Rifle and Pistol Club is geared towards the safe handling of guns, as well as the appropriate and effective utilization of pistols and rifles. This video was done in Windows Live Movie Maker, with no voice-over or narration option. I used a Canon camcorder I rented at the DLC, as well the Sony Tripod (which was broken).

I learned a lot from this project, but am definitely going to learn more with my next VJ.

The Social Network That Gets Down to Business

While all forms of social media are different, the NyTimes posted this article, praising the networking tool LinkedIn. LinkedIn is actually more than just a place for job seekers to post a résumé and definitely more than just a place for users to post status updates and pictures of their weekend shenanigans.  Some people like Ms. Wiseberg (in the NyTimes article) has realized the importance of LinkedIn and being able to climb the corporate ladder and network with 75 million people who use it, in large part, to find jobs or to recruit candidates for jobs.